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Currently, there exist a major lack of cybersecurity education and skills within the public education system. As well, many of those experienced in the field do not have the means to give back to the community easily. The CDG works directly with the public by hosting free training workshops, conferences, and professional certification training courses. These services are developed by experienced professionals in conjunction with our staff to be flexible and accessable. Also, there are often many people with the aptitude for cyber skills, but simply do not know how or where to get started in cyberspace. Our network of affiliates and sponsors at the CDG provide career enhancing opportunities, networking opportunities, and even cyber scholarships to the public. For the full list of services provided by our charity, please contact out support staff today!

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How We Make a Difference...

Cyber Education

CDG educational activies work to better students, practitioners, businesses, and more by providing up-to-date knowledge on the academics of cyberspace.


With the cybersecurity industry growing at a rapid pace, it can be hard to keep up. CDG social events are designed to better connect people within the field.

Skill Development

Practice makes perfect! There CDG offers hands-on real cybersecurity training to ensure people have a place to grow and develop with confidence.

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  • “First time going so I was not sure what I would be stepping into. I can honestly say this was a great first meet up with this group. I felt that we accomplished quite a bit in the time we had. Things do not always go as expected and the guys who were leading this event really pulled together to trouble shoot and fix the computer problems we brought with us. The amount of patience shown by this group was admirable to say the least. What could have easily been a session of, "Oh crap not another newbie with a f****ed up computer that I have to fix" was only met with encouragement and some fun with figuring out how to troubleshoot these issues. I can say, my hat is off to this team for a great job. I look forward to many more meetups with this group.”

    Columbia, SC

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